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On Target's Take That! (NINJA)

Breed: Border Collie
Debut: October 2013
Flyball Titles: FDCH-G, TF-3
Fastest time: 3.8
Other Titles: Pro SplashDog, Sprint Racer 1

Ninja is a 2 year old border collie from On Target Border Collies in Las Vegas. He comes from a long legacy of amazing Flyball and Agility dogs. His grandfather was the first border collie ever to recieve the HOBBES award in Flyball. Ninja's awesome work ethic, speed, drive, focus and athletisism has been a dream come true for me. On his first weekend running on a team he debuted at many sub 4 times with a personal best of 3.8. I took my time training his box turn and striding and it was worth it! With less than a year racing experience he has already proved to be a reliable, fast and consistant team dog. Expect more to come from this Ninja! His half siblings play Flyball on Hyper Flight, Rocket Relay, Sure Shots, Bi-State Performance Dogs, and Touch N Go. When not playing Flyball he loves Dock Diving, Sprint Racing, Barn Hunt, and going on long hikes.


Breed: Jack Russel Terrier
Owner: JJ Bowen
DOB: approximate is 6/03 rescue
Nicknames: Hip-less Wonder and Queen Emma
Flyball Debut: June 2004
Flyball Titles: FGDCH40K/TFFC #2 ranked JRT UFLI
Other titles: Splash Splashdog, Junior lapdog Splashdog, CGC

Emma is true competitor and he fiery spirit shows out on the flyball course.  Although the smallest dog in the house she rules the roust.  She has overcome some serious health issues and still loves to play the game.  She has been a fast and steady height dog from the start of her career, her heart carrying her through when we needed her most.  Emma also enjoys dock diving, agility and bossing around her 5 other housemates.


Breed: Border Collie
Owner: JJ Bowen
DOB: 08/08/03
Nicknames: Jinxy, Girly, Silly Girl
Flyball Debut: August 2004
Flyball Titles: FGDCH40K/TFFC-III #1ranked BC UFLI
Other titles: Senior Splashdog, HD1, CGC

Jinx is one of those special dogs that is good at everything but of all our activities Jinx loves flyball the most.  Jinx likes to run start but will run anywhere for anyone (and has).  She has mainly been handled over the last several years by Cassidy and Rae our junior handlers.  She has endless energy but tries so hard to please that even when she brings me a toy to throw after a long weekend of flyball, I just have to laugh.  Jinx likes to keep busy so she enjoys many other activities along with flyball such as dock diving, herding, agility and her lake walks (ha ha) consist of her running for the whole time.


Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Owner: JJ Bowen
DOB: 09/26/04
Nicknames: Page, Pager, Pagester
Flyball Debut: September 2005
Flyball Titles: ONYX/TFFC #1ranked ACD UFLI
Other titles: Pro Lapdog Splashdog, Senior Splashdog, CGC

Page is my little momma's girl.  More than any of my other dogs she loves just to spend time with mom (mostly curled up at my feet).  Although small for a cattle dog she packs a big punch when it comes to flyball.  Her short stature actually helped in flyball where we have been able to use her as a height dog on some of our faster teams.  She loves the game and has recently accepted the fact that someone other than mom can run her.  She also enjoys other sports but especially dock diving where her personal best jump is 17' 10".


Breed: Border Collie X Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Owner: JJ Bowen
DOB: 03/11/05 rescue
Nicknames: Little man, Bully boy, Spaz
Flyball Debut: Septmember 2006
Flyball Titles: FMX/TFP
Other titles: Pro Splashdog, CGC

Riot came to me as a rescue from an ex-teammate.  Riot was breed for flyball but when I rescued him just shy of his 1st birthday you would have never known it.  Riot seemed to be afraid of his own energy and it took months before I could get him to even chase a ball or hold on to a tug.  I'm sure if anyone saw him today they would think me insane as he has certainly overcome those challenges and now is the team's fastest (and noisiest) dog.  His extreme energy and his bully breed nature makes him a bit tough to handle however his sweet heart wins most people over.  Riot is also an outstanding dock diving dog with a pro title and personal best jump of 23'1".  He also has recently started some agility in the hopes that perhaps one day I might actual get some control but as proof that all the work is paying off he recently passed his CGC. 


Breed: Rat Terrier (type B)
Owner: JJ Bowen
DOB: 12/26/07 rescue
Nicknames: Rou, Kangaroo, Peewee
Flyball Debut: Hopefully January 2009

Roulette is my newest dog and I rescued her from the MHS this past June.  I wasn't particularly looking for another dog but little height dogs are always hard to pass up.  She has been lots less work than I anticipated and has join my pack providing fun puppy energy for all.  She has taken to flyball quite well with minimal training.  Although very little in stature (just barely 11" tall) she hangs with the big dogs and can be seen running and keeping up out at the lake on a daily basis. 

Motto:  "Full of Shenanigans"
Breed:  Whippet
DOB:  12/26/06
Owner:  Erica Martin

Hooligan is a crazy-tall whippet.  I call him the "Grippet" as he seems to possibly have a greyhound ancester secretely in his background.  Hoolie's assignment was to learn flyball and follow in Nitro's paw prints.  Easier said than done!  Did I mention he's a BOY Whippet?  Not quite an sharp as his sis, and he definitely has different priorities.  He loves coming to flyball practice and he's finally starting to put the pieces together.  Hopefully he will start a great flyball career so that he will be known for something besides the infamous barf incident:  One of the dogs vomited and his housemate Bullet bit a hole through his skull when they got in a fight over who got to eat it!  That was one embarassing vet visit...  Hoolie's always been kind of a nut but for some reason I love him.


Breed: English Labrador Retriever
Owner: Patti Moran
DOB: 10/19/2010
Nicknames: Mall and Mallaroo

Mallory is very happy to be learning flyball with her mom! Mallory is happy to jump over the jumps. Mallory is happy to learn a good box turn. Mallory is happy to get treats after every exercise.  Mallory is happy to see all the humans on the team at practice. Mallory is happy with just about everything there is to do when she is learning flyball- and life in general. She is one happy dog and a huge kick to watch. As a racer in progress, Mallory has been going to tournaments and practicing during the warm ups to learn what it will be like in a real race environment. She is looking forward to making her racing debut and her future, happy racing career.

Breed: German shepherd
Owner: Debbie & Tom Oliver
DOB: 11/9/08

Halo is a working line longcoat shepherd who came all the way from Connecticut to the Bay Area at 10 weeks old. She has been annoying her big brother Keefer ever since! Halo’s motto is “everything here is mine”, and she’s smart and fun and funny, clever, and devious. She throws everything she has into everything she does, and makes us laugh every day. One of her nicknames is the Fluffy Princess (FP for short) because she can be a bit of a diva.

In addition to starting flyball classes last year, she also debuted in Dock Diving, and typically, jumped right in with no hesitation the first time she’d ever been on a dock or near a pool. Her favorite things are chasing balls and swimming in the SF Bay at Point Isabel or going to the beach at Fort Funston, chasing Elvis and Emmy the Maine Coon kitties, obsessing over squirrels in the yard, stealing anything Keefer has, snuggling on the couch, rolling around on her back on our bed, (which is how she starts every day), Jolly balls, Orbee balls, tennis balls, and FOOD!!!

Because she’s fast, agile, athletic, and loves retrieving, flyball seemed like the perfect sport for her. Halo thinks it would be even better if there was a water element, ‘cause if she could do all that and swim too, it would REALLY be perfect! Halo made her flyball debut in April 2012, and earned her FDCh-S title at Truckee in July 2012.

Information on more team members coming soon!


Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Titles: AX, AXJ, CD, RE, FM, TFE
Owned By: Aryn Steres

Shady was born December 18, 2002.  Shady was adopted as a fearful and anxious 6mo old.  After many months of work and thousands of treats she has turned into a great little dog.  Shady loves to work and when she isn’t participating in flyball she is training and competing in Obedience, Rally-O & Agility.    


Breed: Labrador retriever (black)
Born: October, 2001
Mom: Shari Goldfarb
Flyball titles: FMX; TFP
Other titles: CGC; SplashDogs "Junior"

Bio: Emma has been delightfully ridiculous from Day One: enthusiastic, energetic, just so happy to be alive. When I couldn't get her to settle down enough to pass the Delta Society exam needed for her to become a therapy dog (twice!), someone suggested an alternative activity for her, flyball, and our lives haven't been the same since!! She took to the sport immediately, and approaches it with great gusto! She also enjoys hiking, swimming, lure coursing, dock diving, tracking, and anything else active that I can think of to do with her. And P.S.: she eventually passed her Delta exam and now visits a support group for seniors with early stages of dementia in Sacramento a few times each month, and comes to work each day with her mom, who is a clinical social worker.

Breed: Border Collie
Born: November, 2004
Mom: Shari Goldfarb
Flyball titles: FM; TFP
Other titles: PT

Bio: I adopted Bailey at 5 1/2 months after she was returned to her breeder. She came with few manners, but a tremendous enthusiasm for anything that involves movement. While I was struggling to teach her not to chase the other dogs at flyball class, a teammate suggested I get her tested for herding instinct, which she was found to posess in great abundance. So when she is not playing flyball, Bailey is learning sheep herding (well, she already knows how…it's her mother that has to catch up!), and agility (see above note about her mother!). Bailey also gets to come to work with her mom for part of each day, where she entertains the staff with her antics.


Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Jack Russell Terrier
Owner: Aryn Hervel
DOB: February, 14 2008
Titles: CGC

Crush Came to us from Cattle Dog Dreams, breed rescue in San Leandro.  Crush was originally dropped off at the Tri-Cities animal shelter as a tiny puppy, adopted out, then returned.  That's when the shelter called breed rescue.  We adopted her at about 4mos.  Crush is an athletic dog and a fast learner.  She is currently learning all about agility, obedience tracking and of course flyball.  


AKA:  "Perfect Dog"
Breed:  Whippet
DOB:  8/19/98
Titles:  CGC, Flyball Master Champion, TFE
Owner:  Erica Martin

Nitro has been playing flyball off and on all her life.  She has also done agility, sprint racing, and oval track racing.  She is Queen of the Household and lives with 3 other dogs and 4 kitties.  Her favoritest thing is chasing squirrels.  She's always been my #1, and is the only one of the crew with bed privileges.  I almost lost her when she was 6 years old due to spontaneous collapsed lungs.  After several thousands of dollars and a week in the UC Davis ICU, I was sure she'd retire after that.  To my delight she recovered fine, started carrying tennis balls around, and let me know she wasn't done.  Years later she is still doing flyball racing.  She is one of those "once in a lifetime" special dogs, I treasure every day with her. 


BlueMoon’s Felicitas
Breed:  Manchester Terrier (Standard)
Born:  12/20/06
Mom:  Heather Johnson

Flick is a happy little dog, full of enthusiasm and joie de vivre. She loves to jump, whether she’s jumping up into my arms, pogo-sticking up to face-level from a standing start in front of me, bouncing off walls or flyball boxes, or practicing flyball or agility. Occasionally, though, she takes it to extremes, like the time she decided that the fastest way to respond to my recall cue was to step between the spindles of the upstairs balcony railing and jump down from the second floor to the first floor living room. SHE, thankfully, was perfectly fine… *I* almost had a heart attack. Then there was the time she broad-jumped 6 steps and a baby gate because she was so excited my parents were arriving... Flick’s flyball career is a continuing “work in progress” – she definitely has a terrier brain!!!


Breed: Australian Shepherd
Born: April 2006 - just an estimate
Debut: May 2010
Titles: Flyball Dog
Owned by: Virginia Heath

Cowboy is a rescue from the Marin Humane Society, through its' Pet Partnership Program. Cowboy was originally found at the Madera County Shelter. Adopted by Virginia in March of 2008. Cowboy wears many "hats" and seems to enjoy all his jobs; which include rehabilitating aggressive dogs; helping Virginia in both classes and consults, bed & couch warmer, but it is surely flyball that puts the gleam in his eyes.


Breed:  Border Collie
Owner:  Christina Bond
DOB:  10/25/2007
Flyball Debut:  January 2008, Marin Running Riot UFLI tournament, Mare Island
Flyball Titles:  UFLI TFE, NAFA FDCh

Fastest Time:  4.01, UFLI May 2009

Magic was bred in England on the Salisbury plains, near Stonehenge.  Thus the kennel name “Ghostland”.  He was chosen from champion show lines, with plans for the showy sport of freestyle (dog dancing).  But the fluffy show lines have not yet overtaken the British working sheepdog of his lineage.  So when he tasted the competitive racing of flyball, he got seriously hooked.  Flyball became his sport of choice.  Magic has a beautiful floating trot and canter, so is still pursuing his dancing career.  He also loves hiking, swimming, skijoring, and a dabbling of agility.  But, for him, flyball tops all other sports.

Element's Trew God of Fire (LOKI)

Breed: Belgian Malinois
Owner: Dawn Kovell
DOB: November 19, 2006
Debut: March 2008

Loki (Element’s Trew God of Fire) made his racing debut March 2008. Like any good Malinois, once he learned the game (and that it didn't involve chasing anything other than the ball/handler!) he hasn't looked back once. He is well appreciated by the team for his accuracy, versatility, endurance and precise work.

Sprite's Jivatma "Jiva"
Breed: Belgian Tervuren
Owner: Dawn Kovell
DOB: March 5, 2009

Sprite’s Jivatma is the team’s athletic “wild child” and has been racing since May 2010. Her bottle rocket approach to the game of flyball makes her an excellent start dog. She didn’t originally understand the appeal of the game until she noticed she was racing another dog in the other lane. Now, you can see her sizing up the competition each and every race.

On Vacation


Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
Owner: VIcki Küng, Richard Küng
DOB: October 26, 2005
Weight: 45 pounds

Dino is constantly in motion, loves to jump in the air just for the heck of it, and is always happy. He is very pleased to have found flyball, an activity where bouncing off walls is a good skill to have. We're glad because all the practice bouncing takes some of the edge off his energy level and slows him down in the pursuit of his other favorite pastime, nosing through trash cans for used Post-it notes to eat.


Breed: Mix
Owner: Virginia and Dave Gundred
Approx DOB: March 2004
Weight: 64 lbs

We were lucky to find Coal at the end of 2004 at Marin Humane Society - he arrived there by way of Madera, CA.  He's a big, loveable dog that loves nothing more than treats and spending time with his parents and two cats. But that's not enough!   We want him to be involved in a sport that suits all of us.  Coal achieved his Canine Good Citizen certificate in 2008 and tried a few different dog sports.  We love the spirit and team support of Marin Running Riot and really enjoy learning the Flyball game!  Coal made his debut at MareIsland in May, 2009 and with a few more tournaments under his tail, will hopefully make a great Flyball dog for his new team!


Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi/Chihuahua Mix
Owner: Cassidy Kovell/Rae Dinello
Approx DOB: October, 2006
Debut: March 2008

After many long discussions about whether it was absolutely necessary to return from the box with an actual ball, Izzy made her racing debut in March 2008 with both a U-FLI and NAFA tournament. Izzy is a rescue from the Marin Humane Society via the Madera Animal Shelter via the Central California SPCA. Izzy is sometimes trained and sometimes run by Cassidy Kovell. Izzy is currently rather fat and happy and she steals food from children.

Breed:  Belgian Tervuren
Owner:  Leslie Bosserman
Born: May 7, 2005
Debut:  March 2009
Titles:  ScHIII

Quake enjoys everything he does whether it¹s Schutzhund, dock diving, obedience, tracking, agility or flyball. He¹s both fast and smart in equal parts and the most lovable dog I¹ve ever had the pleasure to know.  Even though his zest for doing in life is enormous, he also loves to kick back with me to watch a movie. Sprite's Force of Nature (Quake) is from Sprite Belgians.
At the Rainbow Bridge


Breed: Border Collie
Titles: ONYX, TFFC-2, CGC
Best Time: 4.1 seconds
Owned By:  Mollie Miller

Jet was one of our pillars, one of our foundation dogs.  Sadly, following a seizure of unknown origin, Mollie had to make the very difficult decision to send Jet, at only 7 years old, to the Rainbow Bridge.

Jet loved flyball.  He was extremely competitive, and gloried in "the thrill of the race".  He threw himself into everything he did with the same enthusiasm, whether it was hiking for miles or biking with Mollie, swimming, bobbing for rocks, or chasing the cat (not an encouraged activity :)).  Jet and Mollie were a finely-honed team.  Jet would do anything for Mollie, and Mollie would do anything for Jet.

With over 25,000 points in NAFA and over 30,000 points in UFLI, Jet was one of our most solid dogs, one of the dogs around whom we built teams.  Jet also raced on our Regular team which won the 2011 Region 16 Championship, as well as "runner-up" teams in years past.

We all grieve with Mollie over this devastating loss, and pray that she will eventually find comfort in her memories of all the good times.


Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Owner: JJ Bowen
DOB: approximate is 7/95 rescue
Nickname: Spudster, Boo, and more recently Old Man
Flyball Debut: March 2004
Flyball titles: ONYX /TFE
Other titles: Senior Splashdog, Top Veteran Splashdog 2007, CGC

Spud is true testament that old dogs can learn new tricks.  At the tender age of 8 Spud started his flyball career and never looked back.  Even at the age of 13, Spud still enjoyed getting out there and showing those youngsters that the old man could still  play, too.  Spud reached a milestone title of an ONYX at the age of 13 and JJ couldn't have been prouder.  Spud also enjoyed dock diving, where at the age of 12 he was veteran splashdog of the year and had his personal best jump of 19' 3".  With all the sports Spud participated in, he also enjoyed long walks out at the lake and special couch time with mom.  Spud enjoyed great health until the very end, which was mercifully quick, and is much missed by his Mom and everyone who knew him.


Breed: Mix
Date of Birth(approx): 9/15/01
Titles: FDCh-G, TFE-2, CGC
Owner: Mollie Miller

Riley is a 7 year old Mix breed that was born in Prescott, Az. She shares her home along with Jet, and puts up well with all his antics. After 5 years, Riley has decided Flyball might not be so bad, in fact, it might even be fun, especially if it includes food! She is mastering the whole 'bring the ball back' concept, and has already done some singles races which show she is having fun and progressing. When at home, Riley is very laid back and likes to snuggle, and is always up for learning a new trick or two.

RINGO (September 1999 – April 2014)

Breed: Belgian Malinois
Owner: Dawn Kovell
Approx DOB: September 1999
Playing Weight: 59 lbs
Flyball Titles: Onyx, TFP - I
Other Titles: RE

Ringo was a rescue from the Marin Humane Society and was a founding member of the Marin Running Riot Flyball Club. He retired from the game of flyball in 2010. He was originally a shelter refugee from the floods of Tropical Storm Allison in Texas. He didn't make it in his second home either (probably because they didn't play flyball!). His rags to riches story can be seen during late night channel surfing on The Weather Channel. He is currently watching over his pack from the Rainbow Bridge.



Floyd was born September 3, 1998. He went through at least one and possibly two homes, plus a foster home, before I adopted him at the age of 10 months. You know how they advise giving a rescue a little while to “warm up” to you? Well, Floyd crawled into my lap on the drive home from his foster mom’s and went to sleep and that was pretty much the end of the “warming up” period. He’s basically adored me ever since. Floyd would probably have been perfectly happy to be a couch potato, but he got stuck with me as his mom, and I wanted him to DO things. Since he loves me (and cookies), he did.

Floyd was not supposed to be a flyball dog. Maggie, my Scottie, was the ball-crazy one who got me started in flyball. By the time Maggie’s Scottie stubbornness finally defeated my Scottish stubbornness, I was hooked. So, Floyd learned to play flyball – not because he was ball crazy or needed a job or an outlet, but because I wanted him to. He went to his first tournament, as a member of a “baby team”, while still technically in class. He ran practically all day, in 103 degree heat, and barely made a mistake. For many years, that was his hallmark. He was never blazingly fast, but was extremely reliable, one of Gold Rush’s two height dogs, each supporting a team. Sadly, over the years, health problems - especially the loss of his left eye – plus several near collisions and one actual collision, took their toll on Floyd’s confidence and reliability, though he still enjoyed playing flyball within his limits.

Floyd has accomplished a lot for a one-eyed, wannabe-couch-potato rescue dog with a novice trainer. In addition to his ONYX, Floyd was my Novice A dog in both obedience and agility. He earned a novice obedience title, novice and intermediate rally obedience titles, and novice, intermediate and advanced agility titles – most of them earned AFTER he lost his eye. Floyd is also one of very few dogs to earn a place in the American Manchester Terrier Club Hall of Fame with only performance titles - no conformation championship. I am truly blessed to have this little dog in my life. His willingness to do all the crazy things I’ve asked of him over the years, the way he seems to know what I’m trying to teach him even though I’m doing a really rotten job of explaining it, the way he follows me around and always wants to be close to me, are true expressions of an adoration I probably don’t deserve but deeply appreciate. As one of my friends said when Floyd earned his ONYX, “He did this all for you!”


Breed: Labrador Retriever
Born: December 4, 1999
Titles: Flyball Dog Master, U-Fli Top Flight Executive Level II
Owned by: Jan Johnson

Zoe was a rescue from Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue who had worn out her welcome at two previous homes by the age of 18 months. Her favorite hobbies were flyball (or anything involving tennis balls), swimming and eating. She wasn't the team's fastest dog but was known for her reliability and willingness to compete whenever asked. Her motto in life was "Why worry? Be happy!!!".